Our Mission

Refuge Christian Academy (RCA) exists to provide an excellent and Christ-centered academic experience geared to each child's level of learning.


Our Philosophy

We believe that God created each child as a special individual with his or her  unique personality and developmental stages.

We believe that each child can reach their full potential when taught to face challenges and encouraged daily with love, guidance, and patience.

We believe each child learns at their own pace and should be allowed to progress at their developmental stage in each subject.

We believe that every child regardless of social, racial, cultural, religious, or economic background should have the opportunity to enjoy a quality school experience.


Our Goal

We aim to meet each child's academic and spiritual needs with an individualized program that will help them exceed California State Standards and set
them up for academic success. We will strive to meet each need by providing mental, physical, spiritual, and social experiences that will promote growth in a
Christ-centered atmosphere.

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