How We Fast
Basic instructions and some tips on fasting
First of all, fasting without prayer isn’t fasting; that is called Dieting!  
You are just starving yourself, with no spiritual result.  
The reason we set aside time to fast is to earnestly seek God in prayer.
•Spend time focusing on Jesus
•Pray throughout the day
•Listen to your favorite style of worship music and worship along
•Spend some time really digging into the scriptures
•Use devotionals and commentaries – you can find plenty online
•Read and pray through the Psalms
•Spend time thinking about Jesus
oPhilippians 4:8
oColossians 3:2

The 21 Day Daniel Fast 
consists of cutting out:
- Meat
- All animal products (dairy, poultry)
- Abstain from processed foods and beverages,
Sugars, caffeine, and preservatives, etc.
- But mainly cut out meats, sweets and dairy/poultry

In the first several days your body will start purging itself of toxins that have been stored up.  It is possible that you will experience headaches, cold and flu like symptoms, coating on your tongue, or some other physical symptoms.  This is a good thing because it means that your body is detoxifying.  Be prepared to endure it for a couple of days (usually no more than 3 maximum) and drink lots and lots of water.  Water is your friend as it will help flush out those toxins.
You will also experience something we’ve affectionately name “Fasting Breath”!  Quite literally you will have bad breath, especially for the first few days while your body is detoxifying.  Drink lots of water, that will help, but if you’ll be in contact with other people, you should have sugar free breath mints with you.

Breaking the Fast
Be very careful when it is time to break the fast.  DO NOT go out and eat the largest, greasiest meal that you’ve been craving during the fast.  You need to slowly re-introduce the foods you’ve abstained from during the fast
•Eat small portions
•This part of the process should only take a couple of days for your body to get used to the foods that you’ve fasted from.  Please take my advice on this one, your body will thank you for it.
If you need any more information please contact Pastor Dave, Pastor Nic, or Lisa Bliss and we can help you.

IMPORTANT: if you have any pre-existing medical conditions especially those requiring medication, please talk to your Doctor about the fast before you participate.  The good news about the 21 Day Daniel Fast is that you are eating, and you’re eating good clean foods.  Your doctor may modify the fast to best fit your situation, but please talk this over with your medical professional.
Finally, remember that God loves you, and that He wants you to win.  Please don’t get so caught up in the letter of the law with this fast that you miss the Joy of the Spirit.  Have fun, enjoy your time with Jesus.